Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Time!!!

Yes I am a slacker!! Where does the time go? It has been in forever since I last blogged. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My mom and sister and her husband and two kids cam. We had Tim's oldest brother , his girlfriend and her two kids and Tim's parents over as well it was a great day. Here are a few things I am thankful for. My boys, my family and friends my membership in the church and a great husband who is soooo patient with me and at 32 to still have a sense of humor and a fun side. Thanks for the fun weekend sis~! For an explanation on this you will have to ask Tim or my sister about our night out to Iggy's and our Beaver Pelts. Enough Said!!!! We are anticipating Christmas and I am so excited we are trying something new this year and I am actually surprised at how well the kids have taken it and run with it. We have decided to do just 3 gifts ( because that is how many Jesus got) and 1 big family gift. And this year instead of exchanging cousin gifts we are opting out and using the money we would have spent to help someone else less fortunate than us. I am way excited and so are the kids we have had fun shopping for another family. Andrew and Tim were driving in the car the other day and Andrew said I really want a certain toy I can't remember what it was he said and Tim said well maybe Santa will bring it to you and Andrew said maybe next year I already wrote Santa my letter and told him my three gifts I wanted and Tim said 3 gifts and Andrew says yeah my three gifts like Jesus got. As Tim is relaying the story to me my heart melted. He is such a sweet boy. I did another tree this year for the Jubilee and it was a lot of fun but I glad to be done with it. Tim's mom did a lot of the design on this one I told her what iIhad in mind and she drew up the design she is awsome.It turned out well and it sold!!!!! The Bumbleberry Cafe bought it so we had a beautiful drive to Zion to deliver the tree just Tim and I and Tim's Mom & Dad . I am back to work part time in the office not working from home anymore. Tim and I rotate shifts so one of us is home with Logan we can't quite afford daycare. I work 7 am to 11 am and he works 11-7 and so far it is working out ok. Logan is loving having daddy home all morning to hang with it is like a dream come true for him, they lounge around in their Jammies til 10:30 and play play station. I don't know who has more fun Tim or Logan. Here are a few pictures of the boys dressed in their Thanksgiving attire.
Logan's Kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving feast and learned about the first Thanksgiving and Andrew's 2nd grade class learned about Colonies and had to dress in Colonial times. Good times.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Andrew's Baptism

My Cup Runneth Over. We have had the most amazing and spiritual few weeks. It has been so wonderful talking to Andrew and preparing him to enter into the waters of baptism. I am so proud of him and what a young man he is growing up to be. August 28th we celebrated Jonah's 2nd birthday we took balloons out to his grave and we came back and had dinner and had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to him. I planned to go to the Temple and spend the morning at the closest place I could be to him but that of course did not work out and the day did not go at all how I planned it but we still celebrated and he was in our thoughts all day. I love you my angel boy and what better than to spend your day with the Savior. We love you and miss you greatly. Than our neighbors behind us had a house fire and lost everything we lost our back fence and our bushes and trees in the back got a little scorched but nothing major. Tim and I went out the next day to survey the damage because the fire started around 10:00 pm so it was dark. We are so blessed the heat melted the chairs and my porch blinds and scorched the trees but it could have been much worse. We pray for the Patterson Family and that they can rebuild soon. Please keep their family in your prayers as the start over and try to get their life back this has been so devastating to their family they have 5 children. Every time I look out my back windows and see what is left of what used to be there home my heart just aches for them. They are wonderful neighbors and the neatest kindest family we are blessed to have them as our neighbors we love them!
Then onto Andrew's baptism. I cannot believe my little boy is 8. I got to speak at his Baptism about the Holy Ghost and what a hard thing that was for me yet rewarding and an opportunity I will treasure. Tim was able to baptize him. He was so proud you should of seen Andrew sitting there with his daddy on the front row with all the other kids being baptized grinning from ear to ear. My family was not able to make the trip from Salt Lake but my best friend Kristin and her cute family came. Love ya Friend!!! That meant so much to me to have her there.
We feel so blessed and fortunate to be members of this Church. We are proud of Andrew and what a good big brother he is and what a good example he is to us we love him. The morning after the fire Andrew went outside and said "Mom I am glad we believe in Jesus, I asked him why? he said Jesus blessed our house." Sunday after church he was in the kitchen putting all these cookies on a plate I said who are those for and he said the Patterson's, they don't have anything I want to share my cookies with him. I have to admit I shed a tear at how sweet and innocent that was. We did not even tell him to do it. He is such a sweet and kind boy. He brings so much to our family we love him . So thus ends our busy life until next time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1st day of School

We have almost made it through the first week of school. Andrew is in the 2nd grade and Logan a big Kindergartner. I cannot even believe it. I have been looking forward to this,Logasn being in school and now I have 3 hours to my self and I find myself really truly missing him. For 2 years now we have been best buddies. They are both excited and like their teachers. Andrew has Miss Hicken and Logan has Mrs. Jones. I put Logan in afternoon Kindergarten because he is not a morning person at all! I am lucky to get him out of bed before 9:00 am. but oh no this whole week up at 7:00 and dressed mind you with the alarm. I may have him up at 9:00 but dressed now that is like 10-11 when he feels like it. So now from 7:00 am to 12:30 when I drop him off I hear is it time for school yet, when do I go to school mom. He's killing me. I love that he is in afternoons. We eat lunch together and hang out all morning just him and I. It is so nice. We have some good talks over breakfast. He is growing up so fast no more baby left in him he's all grown up. Andrew started scouts last week and absolutely loves it. He gets to perform his first flag ceremony this week at pack meeting. I don't know if it is my hormones kicking in finally from the hysterectomy or what but I have been a mess this week too much happening too fast. My little boys are growing up too young me and I am not ready for that. Can't they stay little forever? It has been a good week for us. Tim is off on another hunting expedition with his brother so I am flying solo this weekend I am sure they will come back with some pretty cool photos I will share when they return. I don't know if there are any of you that are avid sportsman but Todd (Tim's brother) wrote an article in the Sportsman's Voice about their Alaska trip. You should check it out.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I can hardly believe it Andrew turned eight last Sunday the 3rd! Thursday was a hard day for me. Andrew got to go to his first cub scout meeting and I will admit i shed a tear after I dropped him off. That night was back to school night and Logan is starting Kindergarten my baby is all grown up going to school. I thought I would throw a party but I am actually kind of sad to see him go. No more baby things or little boy things they are growing up so fast. I t feels like yesterday when they layed Andrew on my belly and I was so overwhelmed and over joyed to finally be a mom and two year later Logan what a blessing they have been in my life and how proud I am of them. Andrew is growing up so fast. We did not have a Birthday Party because when he is baptized in a few weeks we are having a big party then so I took him and his best buddy Tanner Davis to Jump n Jax. They had fun but after an hour they were bored so we left and went to McDonald's for lunch. He got the whole Indiana Jones of the Crystal Skull with a little help from all Grandmas and of course Dad. I think Tim buys these so he can live vicariously through his boys he can have an excuse to play with them at 37. We came home and Andrew and Tanner played with Legos all afternoon. It was a great day. Sunday we had Grandma & Grandpa Abelhouzen over for cake and ice cream and I decorated my first birthday cake ever and I thought it turned it great. I wanted a "8" cake so I made one and it was so plain so I made it a race track. Will post tomorrow the first day of school photos!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hey All-

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. We have had a very busy one so far. Tim took a trip to Alaska with his brother for Father' Day and brought back 248 pounds of fresh Alaskan Halibut and a bunch of other fish I've never heard of Yellow Eye, and Sea Bass. I am not a fish eater but I am learning to eat Halibut one bite at a time. I am also learning some yummy recipes (so Tim tells me. I'll just take his word for it) on how to cook this fish. The boys were in swimming lessons for two weeks. Andrew is quite the little swimmer. Logan just wants to splash and play and is still very much afraid of the water. It is only his 2nd year though and Andrew's 3rd. They loved it and every time we drive by St. George City Pool they ask me when do we get to take swimming lessons again. I justcelebrated my 32nd Birthday and I really do feel old that just seems so grown up to me and I am not ready to grow up! We spent the weekend at Tim's brother's cabin on Panguitch Lake. It was so beautiful up there. I thought we were escaping the heat though but it came with us. The evenings were cool but the days were hot. We took the boys fishing Saturday morning we of course did not catch anything Logan kept throwing rocks into the lake scaring the fish off and they had more fun casting it is hared for two little energetic boys to sit for hours waiting for a bit but we built some fun family memories. I am giving them the week off and next week they start summer camp. They are bored already and driving mom crazy so hopefully this will give me a break and them something fun to do that they have never done before.

200 pound


Panguitch Lake- Taking the Ranger out for some 4 wheelin'.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Happy 37th Birthday Lover!For Tim's Birthday we took a trip up North to Salt Lake. Friday Night we went to the Bees Game they won 7-4. They announced Tim's Birthday over the stadium and had his name and Birthday on the big screen for all to see. It was a great night. My girlfriend and my sister and their families were all there to celebrate with us. After the game they let the kids run the bases it was fun for them. Saturday morning we got up and hit Utah's Hogle Zoo it was a beautiful day 85 degrees and just perfect. Lots of people and tension was high but for the most part we had a good day. They have a white alligator on display it was really cool.Who passes up a drink out of the lion's mouth?

We went to the Bird Show. It was so cool the birds fly right over your head and swoop down inches from you. It was scary but really cool. We got some great pictures and some really good closeups. Hawk Bald Eagle

We went swimming at our hotel late in the afternoon. The views from our window were spectacular we stayed at the Marriott University Park. It is right against the mountain on the U of U Campus and it was so close to everything. We were on the 5th floor and the views of Salt Lake City at night and the Primary Children's and University Hospital and all the lights were so great. It brought back some sad memories of our little Jonah too and all the time we spent in this area, it seems like so long ago not just 22 short months ago. Saturday night we went to my girlfriends house and barbecued. It was good to spend time with family and friends and build fun family memories.

The End!
Hee hee I could not resist.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pre School Graduation

Logan's last year of pre-school. A bitter sweet day for us. We have had Mrs. Clark for 5 years she taught Andrew for 3 years and now Logan for the last two. This also means my baby is a Kindergartner. He is so ready. I am happy for him but sad. Time goes by so fast. Those of you who know my Logan he totally beats to his own drum. At Graduation they do a little program they sing songs and each child comes up and picks the song of their choice they have practiced for it all year and about oh 2-3 songs into it Logan has the cap and gown off and is done had enough. It took some coaxing but he put it all back on and finished but was so glad once again to get all the garb off. We love him!!!!!!! He always has us on our toes that is for dang sure.

We are so proud of you Logan and we love you!

Monday, May 19, 2008

It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun. I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. Here is a real lengthy run down of what is going on in the Abelhouzen home. Andrew has had another Karate Belt Graduation he is now a Purple Belt. We are so excited and proud of Andrew for sticking with the commitment he has made to do Karate he goes 4 times a week and back to back classed so 1 hr 45 min each day. He is loving it and we are so glad. It is hard to be that dedicated he so badly wants to play with friends some days and just can't fit it in but he sticks with it and I am so proud of him for that.

My mom and sister came for a weekend visit to get out of the snow and cold and into some warmer weather we had a good time they could not believe how warm it was. We took the kids to the water park in Washington Fields. Funny thing all the kids are running through the water and having a blast and Logan is no where in sight so I scan the park for him and there he sits all by himself on a rock just taking in the sights. That is my Logan for you. He beats to his own drum that is for dang sure.

Tim and the boys went to Father and Sons Camp out and had a good time despite the wind and cold. Tim was very prepared he took extra blankets and I packed all warm clothes. You just never know what the weather will do here. I had a girls night out. I went to dinner with family and than Sara and I stayed up til the wee hours watching chic flicks. It was really fun. It beat spending the night alone in a big dark empty house by my bean self. So that is what we have been up to the last month and 1/2. I will try to be better about updating my blog. Hope you are doing well and looking forward to summer vacation. Only 4 more days of school Ugh than what do I do. I will have two crazy boys on my hands. I'd say at least they help by entertaining each other but that is not always a good thing they seem to get into trouble allot when they are together. I wish I had pictures to prove it but I was so furious . Sunday Tim had gone to Cedar City to support a friend who is a Quadriplegic do Rock Crawls (see my link to Clay Egan in the blogger buddies) he is amazing. anyway so it is just me and the boys here. I get them all ready dressed in their church clothes, hair done looking very snazzy and sitting at the bar eating lunch. I say to them I am going to jump in the shower throw on a dress and than we will leave for church it is 12:15 at this time I get out of the shower dress come out of my room at 12:45 to leave and they are not inside I find them and they have drug the hose from the front yard to the side yard have filled their hole with water and are both sitting in it covered from head to foot in mud they have been having a mud fight in their church clothes. So needless to say we missed Sacrament all together because I was trying to shower the mud and dirt from their hair and clothes and had to start from scratch. Good times there. I look back now and can laugh but is it just my children that are out of control or are there others out there? Love Des

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hello- Well I am back among the living! I survived my Hysterectomy and am actually surprised how after only 8 days how well I am feeling. I had my first outing today since my surgery. It felt so good to get out of the house. By the end of the trip I was hurting and so longing for my soft comfortable bed.My mom is here from Salt Lake and she too wanted out. She wanted to go to Colorado City so Tim's dad was so gracious as to drive us the 45 minuted drive for the Grand tour of Hilldale/Colorado City since I am not supposed to be driving. She was surprised, it is not at all what she thought but most people who do go are surprised by the town and what it is not. We had a good time. Logan of course made the trip interesting we were driving through the town and we kept referring to the "polygamists" we stopped at this little pizza joint that everyone has raved about. Logan says" if we eat the food will be polygamist" I explained to him no, polygamists are a group of people, like we are Mormons it is there belief. So we are in the pizza place waiting for our order and in walks some town folk and he says to them "are you polygamist" I ushered him as quickly as I could out to the car where we hid in humiliation until they had left. Out of the mouths of babes. We had a great Easter. We spent the day with Tim's Family we had a very nice dinner at his parents house and then the whole family went to a new park that just opened not too far from us and we had a family volleyball game against another family. Logan of course beats to his own drum and climbed up the side of the mountain doing his own thing. It was such a beautiful day. It has been so beautiful and warm I am so excited for Spring. The trees are all blooming and smell so wonderful. My mom has enjoyed the warm weather while here and Salt Lake gets snow. She is leaving Sunday and it is going to be sad. She has helped me so much with the boys and waited on me it has been aweosme. I am sad to see her go, it has been nice to visit with her , she does not get here very often. Her and Logan have had some great talks on the front porch. We have a great ward they brought in meals and have helped with Logan and play dates. I do not know what we would do without our family and friends. Tim and the boys were able to attend Tim's nieces baptism this past weekend Andrew was so proud of her. It is hard to believe that in just a few short months he himself will enter into the waters of Baptism. Andrew got an award at school today the Hero Hunt Award for Dependability. We are so proud of him. Way to go buddy!!! He is such a good kid. We are so blessed to have our boys. They both bring so much to our family. All our love, Des

Monday, March 3, 2008

It has been a busy few weeks, between working, being a mom, & karate there is not much time to sit down and do much. I am in bed lately by 9-9:30 it sucks. I think I am getting old or something. I finally got Andrew's belt Graduation downloaded to the computer so you can see that. He is doing so awesome!! He just got asked to move up to the next class. He gets to spar and he loves it!!! He has full sparring gear, feet and hand pads, a helmet with face shield and a mouth piece and he wears it every chance mom isn't looking. He is really enjoying karate and is working on his purple belt right now. We are proud he has stuck with it and is enjoying it. Now that Logan's toe has recovered he has asked to go back to gymnastics.In the mean time he practices his acrobatics from my bed. I have the pictures to prove he really is spiderman. I need to find the time to get him enrolled again he loves it and he is so good at it. I have been having some woman issues and had to go see a OBGYN today and was told I need a Hysterectomy so I am scheduled for surgery Wednesday March 26th. I am so excited! No more woman stuff. I am keeping my ovaries but having everything else removed. Not looking forward to surgery or the pain afterwards but so looking forward to no more menstrual cycles and cramps and all the other fun stuff we get for eating that darn apple first. Tim saw the Neurosurgeon last Friday in Salt Lake and it looks like he is not going to have to have surgery after all he was told he has a very mild of case Chiari I Malformation and the risks of surgery outweigh the pros of surgery. He is going to be watched carefully by our family doctor and if any new symptoms or the ones he has now worsen we are to go back in for an MRI and go from there. This was good news for Tim. He was not liking the idea of brain surgery and you can't blame him. We got to spend a nice night away from the boys. Tim's family watched them overnight and we spent the night at the Marriott City Center we had dinner on the roof of the Joseph Smith Building and than went on a carriage ride afterwards around Memory Grove. Kind of a late Valentine Celebration. I did the 12 days of Valentine's to Tim it was fun and he got me the most beautiful diamond necklace it is a heart set with diamonds and inside is a mother holding a baby. He got it to represent Jonah so I could always have him close to my heart. It is beautiful and something I will always treasure. He has never got me jewelry before except my wedding rings. I was kind of shocked and real diamonds wow! Other than that we spent Valentine's at home with the boys. We made homemade Sugar cookies we decorated and took around to our neighbors our annual Valentine's Day. So our getaway even though just overnight was very nice. Hope you are well. Love Des