Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Happy 37th Birthday Lover!For Tim's Birthday we took a trip up North to Salt Lake. Friday Night we went to the Bees Game they won 7-4. They announced Tim's Birthday over the stadium and had his name and Birthday on the big screen for all to see. It was a great night. My girlfriend and my sister and their families were all there to celebrate with us. After the game they let the kids run the bases it was fun for them. Saturday morning we got up and hit Utah's Hogle Zoo it was a beautiful day 85 degrees and just perfect. Lots of people and tension was high but for the most part we had a good day. They have a white alligator on display it was really cool.Who passes up a drink out of the lion's mouth?

We went to the Bird Show. It was so cool the birds fly right over your head and swoop down inches from you. It was scary but really cool. We got some great pictures and some really good closeups. Hawk Bald Eagle

We went swimming at our hotel late in the afternoon. The views from our window were spectacular we stayed at the Marriott University Park. It is right against the mountain on the U of U Campus and it was so close to everything. We were on the 5th floor and the views of Salt Lake City at night and the Primary Children's and University Hospital and all the lights were so great. It brought back some sad memories of our little Jonah too and all the time we spent in this area, it seems like so long ago not just 22 short months ago. Saturday night we went to my girlfriends house and barbecued. It was good to spend time with family and friends and build fun family memories.

The End!
Hee hee I could not resist.

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The Kim Curtis' (Shiloh) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you guys like crazy!!! Wish we were closer!!!