Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Time!!!

Yes I am a slacker!! Where does the time go? It has been in forever since I last blogged. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My mom and sister and her husband and two kids cam. We had Tim's oldest brother , his girlfriend and her two kids and Tim's parents over as well it was a great day. Here are a few things I am thankful for. My boys, my family and friends my membership in the church and a great husband who is soooo patient with me and at 32 to still have a sense of humor and a fun side. Thanks for the fun weekend sis~! For an explanation on this you will have to ask Tim or my sister about our night out to Iggy's and our Beaver Pelts. Enough Said!!!! We are anticipating Christmas and I am so excited we are trying something new this year and I am actually surprised at how well the kids have taken it and run with it. We have decided to do just 3 gifts ( because that is how many Jesus got) and 1 big family gift. And this year instead of exchanging cousin gifts we are opting out and using the money we would have spent to help someone else less fortunate than us. I am way excited and so are the kids we have had fun shopping for another family. Andrew and Tim were driving in the car the other day and Andrew said I really want a certain toy I can't remember what it was he said and Tim said well maybe Santa will bring it to you and Andrew said maybe next year I already wrote Santa my letter and told him my three gifts I wanted and Tim said 3 gifts and Andrew says yeah my three gifts like Jesus got. As Tim is relaying the story to me my heart melted. He is such a sweet boy. I did another tree this year for the Jubilee and it was a lot of fun but I glad to be done with it. Tim's mom did a lot of the design on this one I told her what iIhad in mind and she drew up the design she is awsome.It turned out well and it sold!!!!! The Bumbleberry Cafe bought it so we had a beautiful drive to Zion to deliver the tree just Tim and I and Tim's Mom & Dad . I am back to work part time in the office not working from home anymore. Tim and I rotate shifts so one of us is home with Logan we can't quite afford daycare. I work 7 am to 11 am and he works 11-7 and so far it is working out ok. Logan is loving having daddy home all morning to hang with it is like a dream come true for him, they lounge around in their Jammies til 10:30 and play play station. I don't know who has more fun Tim or Logan. Here are a few pictures of the boys dressed in their Thanksgiving attire.
Logan's Kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving feast and learned about the first Thanksgiving and Andrew's 2nd grade class learned about Colonies and had to dress in Colonial times. Good times.