Monday, March 3, 2008

It has been a busy few weeks, between working, being a mom, & karate there is not much time to sit down and do much. I am in bed lately by 9-9:30 it sucks. I think I am getting old or something. I finally got Andrew's belt Graduation downloaded to the computer so you can see that. He is doing so awesome!! He just got asked to move up to the next class. He gets to spar and he loves it!!! He has full sparring gear, feet and hand pads, a helmet with face shield and a mouth piece and he wears it every chance mom isn't looking. He is really enjoying karate and is working on his purple belt right now. We are proud he has stuck with it and is enjoying it. Now that Logan's toe has recovered he has asked to go back to gymnastics.In the mean time he practices his acrobatics from my bed. I have the pictures to prove he really is spiderman. I need to find the time to get him enrolled again he loves it and he is so good at it. I have been having some woman issues and had to go see a OBGYN today and was told I need a Hysterectomy so I am scheduled for surgery Wednesday March 26th. I am so excited! No more woman stuff. I am keeping my ovaries but having everything else removed. Not looking forward to surgery or the pain afterwards but so looking forward to no more menstrual cycles and cramps and all the other fun stuff we get for eating that darn apple first. Tim saw the Neurosurgeon last Friday in Salt Lake and it looks like he is not going to have to have surgery after all he was told he has a very mild of case Chiari I Malformation and the risks of surgery outweigh the pros of surgery. He is going to be watched carefully by our family doctor and if any new symptoms or the ones he has now worsen we are to go back in for an MRI and go from there. This was good news for Tim. He was not liking the idea of brain surgery and you can't blame him. We got to spend a nice night away from the boys. Tim's family watched them overnight and we spent the night at the Marriott City Center we had dinner on the roof of the Joseph Smith Building and than went on a carriage ride afterwards around Memory Grove. Kind of a late Valentine Celebration. I did the 12 days of Valentine's to Tim it was fun and he got me the most beautiful diamond necklace it is a heart set with diamonds and inside is a mother holding a baby. He got it to represent Jonah so I could always have him close to my heart. It is beautiful and something I will always treasure. He has never got me jewelry before except my wedding rings. I was kind of shocked and real diamonds wow! Other than that we spent Valentine's at home with the boys. We made homemade Sugar cookies we decorated and took around to our neighbors our annual Valentine's Day. So our getaway even though just overnight was very nice. Hope you are well. Love Des