Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hey All-

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. We have had a very busy one so far. Tim took a trip to Alaska with his brother for Father' Day and brought back 248 pounds of fresh Alaskan Halibut and a bunch of other fish I've never heard of Yellow Eye, and Sea Bass. I am not a fish eater but I am learning to eat Halibut one bite at a time. I am also learning some yummy recipes (so Tim tells me. I'll just take his word for it) on how to cook this fish. The boys were in swimming lessons for two weeks. Andrew is quite the little swimmer. Logan just wants to splash and play and is still very much afraid of the water. It is only his 2nd year though and Andrew's 3rd. They loved it and every time we drive by St. George City Pool they ask me when do we get to take swimming lessons again. I justcelebrated my 32nd Birthday and I really do feel old that just seems so grown up to me and I am not ready to grow up! We spent the weekend at Tim's brother's cabin on Panguitch Lake. It was so beautiful up there. I thought we were escaping the heat though but it came with us. The evenings were cool but the days were hot. We took the boys fishing Saturday morning we of course did not catch anything Logan kept throwing rocks into the lake scaring the fish off and they had more fun casting it is hared for two little energetic boys to sit for hours waiting for a bit but we built some fun family memories. I am giving them the week off and next week they start summer camp. They are bored already and driving mom crazy so hopefully this will give me a break and them something fun to do that they have never done before.

200 pound


Panguitch Lake- Taking the Ranger out for some 4 wheelin'.