Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a Happy Day!

Jonah- A day unlike all others; a sacred time had come- a dawning for One Perfect Child; to some a setting sun. Yet, with our understanding of eternity- true faith in Christ, this day is not and ending, but a step towards Eternal Life. As angels gathered round him to complete our Father's plan his tiny reach rose upward to the hollow of our Father's hand. His test was o'er, his mission done; through tears of joy they lullabied Sweet Jonah from his earthly home. And then a loving Father turned to ease our mortal pain, encircling those arms and hearts where Jonah still remained. And through His love He comforted, while whispering, " Tis not the end; We're here preparing ---faithfully return.... Until we meet again." By: Merrillyn Bradford Butterfield This poem was written by my aunt as Jonah left this earthly life. I want to thank you Aunt Merrillyn for your talent and for sharing it with us. For being truly inspired to write this there are hidden things in it that no one knows but Tim and I that she would not have known if she was not inspired to write this. The powers of Heaven are greater than we know. This poem is proof and has brought us much tears and happiness as we read it often. So thank you Aunt Merrillyn. It has very special meaning to us and I wanted to post it on this special day. It marks 3 years since Jonah came into our lives for such a short time. As I sit here and reflect on this day and miss him like crazy, wonder what he is doing, is he proud of us his family (not always I am sure) but what a blessing he was and is to our little family. I know that we will one day be with him again. That Tim and I will raise him as if here on earth only better he will be free of scoliosis, free of the clubbed hand and feet, no tubes, no wires, no machines giving him life, just Jonah! I look forward to that day I get to hold his perfect little body in my arms and kiss his cute face. Happy Birthday my angel boy. Give Nana & Papa big big hugs and let them know I miss them greatly. I thought of Pops yesterday on his Birthday and wondered what you all are doing to celebrate together. Hope you know we love you more than words can say. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you, your brothers love you so much too. Keep watch over us, help us return to you. Look for the balloons today they'll be coming you way hope you catch them. You have earned your crown my angel boy. Until We meet again, you are forever in our thoughts and our prayers. Love Mom, Dad, Drew & Logan. in Loving Memory Jonah Robert Abelhouzen 08/28/06-01/04/07