Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey All- We have returned from the funnest and most exhausting family vacation ever! We only went to Salt Lake but each day was filled with activity. Tuesday night we attended my cousins wedding reception. Logan decided to get the flu and threw up all night. Tim went to the store at 2:30 am looking for pepto.Wednesday we spent a fun day at Lagoon with friends. We were a little concerned about going with Logan but he woke up and said are we going to Lagoon today. He was so excited! I thought for sure he would not last but we left at 10:00pm and he rode rides and ate junk all day. Andrew rode all the big rides I was so proud of him. Our favorite was Lagoona Beach. The lazy River and the Tube rides are so fun. We even rode the speed slides and they are speedy! Thursday we spent the day in the hotel being oh so lazy we swam in the hotel pool and in the late afternoon we took the boys to "This is the Place Monument." It was fun touring all the old pioneer homes. The boys liked the train ride and going in Brigham Young's Farm House. We met family at the Myan Restaurant for dinner. The entertainment is great but the service and food uh not so much.Friday we spent the day at Thanksgiving Point they have a really neat Dinosaur Musuem and they were having their 7 year Birthday so there was extra stuff going on activities for the kids to do and we watched a movie in 3-D that was awesome. Saturday we wanted to hike Timpanogos Cave but we got up there at 8:30 am and apparantley this is the peak time and there was a 3 1/2 hour wait to even hike up to the cave. We said bag that and went to Cabela's and went shopping. We hung out with my sister and her family kind of a lazy day but nice. Sunday we got up and headed back to the cave with pre-purchased tickets and no wait this time. And let me just tell you that kicked my BUTT! A 1.5 mile hike up hill and down. The cave was awesome and well worth the hike but oh my gosh. We are definately chalking that one on our been there done that never have to do it again list. The boys did so good. They walked the whole way. The four hour ride home though was very hard. We were so tired. I though for sure the boys would sleep the whole way but not one wink out of them. It was a great family vacation. It was good to see our family and friends too.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I hope you all had a Happy 4th. We did. The boys, and I and Tim's mom, dad and sister spent the morning at the park in town. They had a small little carnival with booths and a waterslide a dunking machine, jumphouses and a few kiddie rides. The kids had fun and I got a littel burnt in this warm 112 degree St Geroge Weather. Tim stayed home and worked on the cabinets. They are beautiful. We are almost ready for countertops yahoo! In the evening we went to Todd's house (Tim's brother) and swam in the pool and had a barbeque played games and watched the city fireworks from their balcony it was a great day. It is very warm here and so we try to stay out of the heat in the day and do things in the evening when it cools down to a bearable 100 degrees. Hope your summer is going great and you are having fun. Love The Abelhouzen Clan