Saturday, March 28, 2009

My First 5K!

I walked/Ran my first ever 5 k today and it was so much fun. It was a bit chilly this morning at 7:30am when we got there but it soon warmed up. I did the ALS 5 K with my two best girls. Our other best girl Christi was in charge of the whole thing and I am so glad I went and could support her cause. She lost her Grandpa to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and they did a fundraiser 5 k to raise money. Thanks Christi for inviting us. I even won a prize at the raffle drawing a runners ID Bracelet Gift Certificate. So cool! I never win. Andi and I finished 48:42:49 yeah for us. I am just glad I went and finished! Sara did 36 minutes she ran most of it though. Good job girls love ya. Thanks for the memories. I have to blog about our dinner last night as well I wish I had photos dang it. Sara and I kidnapped our visiting teachers and took them to Don Pedro's a Mexican restaurant for their Birthdays. Julie's was yesterday and Kasey's today. I had such a good time we talked and laughed so much it was a great night. Happy Birthday Girls. We love you! Hope you have a great day. I am off to tackle the garage before Logan's Soccer Game at 3:00 pm. Hope you all have a wonderful day, it is beautiful outside the sun is shining and I am going out to enjoy it. Love Des

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Daddy is away the family will play!!!!

Yesterday Andrew wanted to sale his toys to make some money so he went through all of his toys he no longer plays with and made a poster everything was $.10. After he had sold all his toys he wanted to sale punch and cookies so I made homemade chocolate chip cookies and kool aid. His best Friend and his little brother came down as well and sold some of their toys. Andrew gave his friend $1.25 just to be nice. He is such a sweet boy. I had the whole neighborhood literally) at my house 8 little neighbor kids so I had to get them anxiously engaged or they would all be in my house! I got them playing yard games not a one had ever heard of the Easter Egg Game. What up? We played freeze tag, and Pump again did not know what this game was. These must be White City Games. We had a blast. Than when I had had enough I sent all the little kiddos home and took my boys and Miah to see Race to Witch Mountain it is a great Family show! Tim has been in Vegas at a Convention since Sunday and should be home tonight. I am also babysitting my niece for 10 days while Tim's sister and her husband are in Washington D.C. He is trying to get into John Hopkins Medical School and they went to check out the campus and local area. They are also visiting all the historical sights. They had lunch at the Pentagon yesterday how cool is that? They are staying with a friend from the military who lives in Washington D.C. It has been so fun having Miah here she is so cute and such an easy child. I was a little worried of how she would sleep but she does good for naps and bedtime. It has also been fun having a baby around that is Jonahs age(Miah and Jonah are only 30 days apart). To see how Andrew & Logan would have been as big brother. They are so cute with her. Logan gets her up every morning and changes her diaper and gets her dressed. Sunday morning she comes walking into our bedroom and if you have ever seen When a Man loves a Woman and she has all these clips and hair pretties in her hairs and says my hair hurts. That was Miah. Logan had taken every clip, barrette and hair thing she had in her bag and put it in her hair. Miah was saying owiee! He just dotes on her and is always asking her what she wants it is so heart warming and a tender mercy. I wish Jonah was here and could be a part of our earthly lives. But I know we will get to one day be with him and it will be better than anything we ever could of imagined here. So after the movie we came home and Logan and I both came down with the stomach flu after dinner. And let me tell you how hard that was. I can't stomach that stuff at all bodily fluids! Tim is so much better at the clean up than I. But with him being gone it is all me. So there is Logan sick and me right there next to him. He says to me "wow mom you throwed up alot more than me that time" I had to laugh it was so cute. We have had so much sickness since January I lysoled the whole house today. Every door knob, every room, I changed all the air filters and washed all our sheets in hot water. Hopefully now we will be OK. I'll post pictures when I feel better and can download them.