Monday, February 1, 2010


My friend does this she posts the funny things her kids say so I thought I would do the same seems how I never have any time anymore to myself to sit and actually blog! Andrew & Logan are in the tub the other morning and I overhear this: Andrew: I had the weirdest dream last night Logan: ahhh no fair I did'nt get any dreams! I thought it was so dang cute! I am a slacker so I'll do a quick update. We had a great Christmas Santa brought us 4 wheelers and we have tried to use them as much as the weather will permit mostly riding around uncle Todd's Farm for now but we cannot wait until camping season. Tim's mom retired at the end of December so Tim is officially on his own this is bitter sweet for us. Great News! No I am not pregnant hee hee. It is our 13 year Anniversary this Septembert and we are stepping our of our comfort zone and going on our first cruise to the Mexican Riviera September I know this is 7 months away but we are way excited for a week vacation. My cousin is getting married and I would not miss that for the world the only scary thing it is on a crusie ship yikes :{ I am looking forward to spending a week with Tim alone though. We have coaxed well more like begged, pleaded and borrowed some friends of ours to join us and think it may be a go so we'll see. That about sums up our lives.