Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pre School Graduation

Logan's last year of pre-school. A bitter sweet day for us. We have had Mrs. Clark for 5 years she taught Andrew for 3 years and now Logan for the last two. This also means my baby is a Kindergartner. He is so ready. I am happy for him but sad. Time goes by so fast. Those of you who know my Logan he totally beats to his own drum. At Graduation they do a little program they sing songs and each child comes up and picks the song of their choice they have practiced for it all year and about oh 2-3 songs into it Logan has the cap and gown off and is done had enough. It took some coaxing but he put it all back on and finished but was so glad once again to get all the garb off. We love him!!!!!!! He always has us on our toes that is for dang sure.

We are so proud of you Logan and we love you!

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