Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Andrew's Baptism

My Cup Runneth Over. We have had the most amazing and spiritual few weeks. It has been so wonderful talking to Andrew and preparing him to enter into the waters of baptism. I am so proud of him and what a young man he is growing up to be. August 28th we celebrated Jonah's 2nd birthday we took balloons out to his grave and we came back and had dinner and had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to him. I planned to go to the Temple and spend the morning at the closest place I could be to him but that of course did not work out and the day did not go at all how I planned it but we still celebrated and he was in our thoughts all day. I love you my angel boy and what better than to spend your day with the Savior. We love you and miss you greatly. Than our neighbors behind us had a house fire and lost everything we lost our back fence and our bushes and trees in the back got a little scorched but nothing major. Tim and I went out the next day to survey the damage because the fire started around 10:00 pm so it was dark. We are so blessed the heat melted the chairs and my porch blinds and scorched the trees but it could have been much worse. We pray for the Patterson Family and that they can rebuild soon. Please keep their family in your prayers as the start over and try to get their life back this has been so devastating to their family they have 5 children. Every time I look out my back windows and see what is left of what used to be there home my heart just aches for them. They are wonderful neighbors and the neatest kindest family we are blessed to have them as our neighbors we love them!
Then onto Andrew's baptism. I cannot believe my little boy is 8. I got to speak at his Baptism about the Holy Ghost and what a hard thing that was for me yet rewarding and an opportunity I will treasure. Tim was able to baptize him. He was so proud you should of seen Andrew sitting there with his daddy on the front row with all the other kids being baptized grinning from ear to ear. My family was not able to make the trip from Salt Lake but my best friend Kristin and her cute family came. Love ya Friend!!! That meant so much to me to have her there.
We feel so blessed and fortunate to be members of this Church. We are proud of Andrew and what a good big brother he is and what a good example he is to us we love him. The morning after the fire Andrew went outside and said "Mom I am glad we believe in Jesus, I asked him why? he said Jesus blessed our house." Sunday after church he was in the kitchen putting all these cookies on a plate I said who are those for and he said the Patterson's, they don't have anything I want to share my cookies with him. I have to admit I shed a tear at how sweet and innocent that was. We did not even tell him to do it. He is such a sweet and kind boy. He brings so much to our family we love him . So thus ends our busy life until next time.


MillerTime said...

Those pics of Andrew are PRICELESS!! I heard about the Pattersons - terrible. What are they going to do???

Davis family said...

It was a nice baptism. and you did such a good job with the talk. I love all the pictures too.

Kathy said...

Congrats of the baptism.

Christi said...

Congrats Andrew! On your baptism and for having the best parents in the world!