Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I can hardly believe it Andrew turned eight last Sunday the 3rd! Thursday was a hard day for me. Andrew got to go to his first cub scout meeting and I will admit i shed a tear after I dropped him off. That night was back to school night and Logan is starting Kindergarten my baby is all grown up going to school. I thought I would throw a party but I am actually kind of sad to see him go. No more baby things or little boy things they are growing up so fast. I t feels like yesterday when they layed Andrew on my belly and I was so overwhelmed and over joyed to finally be a mom and two year later Logan what a blessing they have been in my life and how proud I am of them. Andrew is growing up so fast. We did not have a Birthday Party because when he is baptized in a few weeks we are having a big party then so I took him and his best buddy Tanner Davis to Jump n Jax. They had fun but after an hour they were bored so we left and went to McDonald's for lunch. He got the whole Indiana Jones of the Crystal Skull with a little help from all Grandmas and of course Dad. I think Tim buys these so he can live vicariously through his boys he can have an excuse to play with them at 37. We came home and Andrew and Tanner played with Legos all afternoon. It was a great day. Sunday we had Grandma & Grandpa Abelhouzen over for cake and ice cream and I decorated my first birthday cake ever and I thought it turned it great. I wanted a "8" cake so I made one and it was so plain so I made it a race track. Will post tomorrow the first day of school photos!


Christi said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Sounds like a GREAT party!

Sara said...

Where is the pic of the cake? You need to post that.

Davis family said...

the cake looked awesome. you definitely need to post that picture.