Saturday, January 24, 2009

Face Book Addict

So Tuesday Night I get an invite to join face book from a good friend. This is not the first invite but one of many,I have ignored all others. Being Internet challenged (I just got comfortable with my blog spot) I am like OK what is this face book stuff I hear everyone talking about it and go to see what all the hoopla is I can't access anything without creating a Face Book account of course, so I do so and I must confess I am now a Face Book addict and it has become a full time job, My cell phone is going off constantly. This friend wants to add me, this friend posted to my wall etc etc. So this morning I had to change the amount of texts I am getting and now maybe I will not be so obsessed. Although it has been wonderful talking to friends I have not talked to since graduation 17 years ago. Yes I feel old!It has been fun adding more and more people to my list of friends I feel loved AHHH! So to all you FB addicts meetings will begin Wednesday Nights at my house 7:00 pm. J/K. Have a great Saturday and to all you St Georgians enjoy the rain!


MillerTime said...

I LOVE your family picture!!!! I do facebook as well, but I just can't get into it ... I don't know what the deal is with me, everyone else LOVES it! Anyway add me, I'd like to be your friend!! :-)

Paul and Michelle said...

I'll be there! Thanks for being my friend!