Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Logan

Wow what a bad mom I am and better yet a horrible blogger I really need to be better do people even blog anymore now that we have face book? Allot has happened since I last posted. Logan turned 8 and is being baptized by Tim on Saturday. We are so proud of him he is such a helper and a good friend to everyone he is our little missionary he befriends all the less or in actives in our neighborhood and then invites them to church. Tim and I just celebrated our 13 year Anniversary by taking a cruise to The Mexican Riviera. The best 8 days of our marriage. We had a blast! We never got a honey moon so we decided to take one this year and it was well worth every penny we scraped and saved & spent in fact we can't wait to book the next one but take the boys with us this time they will love it. Fall is slowly moving in Hooray out with the hot days of summer and in with the cool nights and mild days of Autumn. I love this time of year it is my favorite. The Holidays are fast approaching, the smell of leaves, pumpkins, candy, Carmel apples, cider, Thanksgiving. Maybe because it gives me the opportunity to really take notice of all the things I have and am thankful for the blessing that are poured down upon me and my family each day. We are so very blessed. See my facebook Desiree Bradford Abelhouzen for pictures of Mexico.I hope you are all doing well. Des

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