Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was good to us this year. The boys got an xbox 360 and a ton of games to go with it. I can barely pry them from the darn thing even my big boy! They got lego sets a whole town, a police station fire station and airport.We are going to have a huge lego party tonight and put it together we have invited our family over for pizza and lego assembly night it shall be fun. Tim and I got a new tv for our room. Christmas afternoon Tim's parents and I went to see the new National Treasure movie. A must see!!! While you guessed it the boys stayed home and played xbox. It was a great day. It was so relaxing not having to run from one parent to the next. The boys got to enjoy their Christmas and not be rushed from one grandparents house to the other. I think this is going to be our new tradition. Stay home and veg in our new jammies Santa brings us Christmas Eve. We even fit a visit in to Jonah although he had visited us earlier in the day. We put a beautiful Pine Tree all decorated on his grave. We hope you all have a great year and that your Christmas was a good one. I got a new digital camera too so now I can update pictures more quickly. I am still learning how to use the darn thing. I am so electronically challenged. So as soon as I figure out how to download pictures I'll post our lego assembly so you can see it in it's fullness. Love ya all. Des

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Davis family said...

sounds like loads of fun. Let me know if you need help with the photo downloads. It is pretty easy once you do it a couple of times.